This is one of our ‘hottest’ reports that we are deploying everywhere.  We call it the daily flash report.   It is an SSRS report that we’ve developed for Dynamics CRM and NAV instead of using the native dashboards built into the software.  The concept is that before anyone can adjust information, it automatically emails to the owners and managers in an MHMTL format with complete drill down on each component of the report.  This gives the executives of the company complete visibility and comfort as to what is happening.  An added benefit is that the subscription manager keeps track of who received the report and a history of what the information was every day for the past 2 weeks.



We then took it a bit further and slimed down some of the graphically elements and converted the report to 4″.  This allowed us to deploy a mobile version of the report so the owners could get this on their blackberries.




If this is of interest, please reach out to us and we can install.  It works on versions Dynamics NAV 2013 and 2015.