Blogging? In my 6 plus years as a controller in the food service industry I can honestly say that I am shocked to call myself a “Blogger”. As a financial person this is all very foreign to me.

However, I have discovered some really great features in NAV 2016 that I just had to share with my fellow number crunchers.

No matter what your circumstance, whether it be upgrading or investing in a new ERP, fancy new features are coming at you from every angle. As a controller it can be a slippery slope to manage these and at the same time maintain “control”. Your first reactions may be to tighten the reigns and micro manage, and or revert back to how you use to do things. STOP!

Before you panic have a look at some great features in NAV 2016 that are “fancy” and at the same time maintain your control.

NAV 2016 can create a Purchase Invoice and tell you when your costs have changed!

You can easily create and modify workflows – with steps related to approval, notification, or automation – to ensure business process follow best practices or industry-standard practices



Worried that you didn’t setup up your posting groups properly?



Posting Preview functionality allows the user to, prior to posting, view the impact that posting the document will have against all affected ledgers.

Automate your AR and interaction with customers/vendors


  1. Assign Word format and email address by document type for each customer or vendor
  2. Processing customer statements or vendor remittances will use the assigned format and email to send the document



Deferral functionality allows the user to automate the process of deferring revenues and expenses over a pre-defined schedule.

Afraid to take a Vacation? You can now access your core features from anywhere!


– Shawn Caskie