CRM of the future …

I am here today to write my first blog on our VOX website. Let me introduced myself. Most people know me as Linda, the Marketing lady. I have worked for Vox since the pre-launched of CRM 1.0 era. I have been, as a user of CRM and NAV, through five upgrades of CRM. Most recently, last December Microsoft launched both CRM 2016 and NAV 2016. In this blog, let us take a look at the CRM evolution.

Microsoft Dynamics is suitable for both small and midsize organizations. At each release of Microsoft Dynamics, my technical team and Jim Heaton, our always evolving CEO, would work behind the scenes to check out the infrastructure; decide on the features that our users will use; and, eventually install the Microsoft Dynamics software. During this time, I get to work on the older version of CRM and NAV and I will not miss a heartbeat of working hours while they perform their tasks on the updated version. When the technical team is ready, they publish the new version of CRM software and at that precise moment, my CRM is upgraded to this newly installed version.

Over the history of the CRM, it has evolved tremendously. The first version of CRM was like having an elaborated vintage library catalogue filing system with some interesting features. As a backward glance, I thought of this first launch as a Wright Glider Plane. Microsoft’s core set of features set it apart from other CRM software available at that time. I found it very efficient to glide my way through my marketing playbook.

Then emerged, CRM 3.0, which had everything the glider had; but, with more exciting updates. It reminded me of the Fokker Dr.1 Triplane. The additional features allowed me, the Red Barron of Marketing, to be more laser focused and I was able to target my marketing leads far better than I did using CRM 1.0. My best features was that this edition offered easy migration of customer information stored with Microsoft Office Outlook with Business Contact Manager. My CEO loved the opportunity management and reporting features that it had. The sales team loved the sales process management features for consistent tracking and closing of sales opportunities. The project team loved the service scheduling features best as it managed resources, manpower and equipment, effectively. It was so flexible with its deployment options and it was so easy to use; fast adoption rate – anyone can use it.

From CRM 3.0 to CRM 4.0, we had a huge boost of technology. Best features for CRM 4.0 was the scheduling reporting and its workflow wizard. This CRM edition made it easy for me and my team to work the way my CEO wanted us to. Then came CRM 2011 (aka CRM 5.0), the enhancements became so superior. Its F-14 Tomcat CRM’s features allowed our team to enhance our productivity; streamline our business processes, report with ease, manage our data intelligently; and, align business and technology. I really loved the spell check/correction utility feature. Foremost, the Sales and Marketing team became a Power Couple. With this edition of CRM, our teams merged and started working together as one.

Vox has been testing Microsoft Dynamics 2016 (version 8.0) for the last 2 months and we’re very excited about its recent release. It is available both on Premise and In the Cloud. This edition of CRM had a huge face lift and its features is like flying the space shuttle Columbia. It is an advanced version of CRM designed for the serious user. Very windows-based allowing customers access to the theme records, updated navigation menu, turbo forms and other exciting features allowing the users to view from the heavens. CRM cloud today leverages Office 365 and mobile CRM with its phone and table apps enhancements.

I would like to invite you to visit our event page to register for a complimentary seminar or webinar. Learn more about CRM 2016 and its many updates that are exciting us and our customers. Relax at your seat and learn how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can benefit your company and allow your business to leave your competitors in your dust.

Count on Microsoft to continue to add features that will keep Dynamics CRM at the top of its class and help you keep your business at the top of your industry.

Happy soaring!