We are definitely living in interesting times. We have both a health crisis with COVID-19 and unprecedented persistent & increasingly sophisticated malicious cybercrime campaigns against our businesses. This ever-growing threat from cybercrime attacks is very real and is only becoming more intense and widespread. You need to take action now to prevent your company (or your family) from becoming the next victim.

On June 24th, VOX ISM & Microsoft are hosting a 45-minute webinar to train one of your staff on cyber-security best practices (in a 10-minute online training session) to help prevent security breaches, reduce phishing attempts and improve general awareness of what’s out there and how to avoid it. We will provide them with the teaching materials they will need so that they can train the rest of your staff. Human error accounts for 95% of cyber breaches so your first best defence is to train your staff. The webinar will also include additional security steps that your company should implement such as end-point protection, Cloud-based security, etc.

I urge you to have someone from your staff register for the webinar below:

You should know that the most common type of cyber-crime that businesses experience is Ransomware attacks. Ransomware involves malware (malicious code) that encrypts files on a device or network and results in the system becoming inoperable. The most common way for ransomware to get into your system is for one of your staff to click a link or respond to an email designed to infiltrate their PC.  Criminals behind these types of cyberattacks typically demand a ransom in exchange for the release of data (hence “ransomware”).

This is so prevalent that there are actually organizations that are designed to act as “negotiators” for ransomware attacks. We at Vox ISM have had to assist an unfortunate number of our customers try to recover from ransomware attacks – it is a very real and increasing threat. So much so that President Biden is addressing this daily as the next big threat in the US after COVID.

3 practices that VOX ISM has implemented to improve cybersecurity:

  1. Created an Enhanced Corporate Security Policy which outlines and enforces security measures that our staff must follow, focusing on the current cybersecurity trends (internal security training, multi-factor authentication, forced password changes, information-sharing rules, end-point protection, Cloud-based security and backups, etc.) and a Disaster Prevention and Recovery Plan” (a document that outlines what systems we have, where they are, how they are connected, who to contact if there are issues and what to do in the event of a breach).
  2. Encouraging our customers to upgrade to Secure Cloud services, implement and enforce multi-factor authentication and train their staff.
  3. Improve the security of the software sold to our customers and enhancing it with additional Cloud-based security and end-point protection software

We look forward to seeing you online on June 24th – it is worth the 45 minutes!