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Vox ISM Offers A Variety Of Skills Training Programs That Focus On Improving Existing Workforce Skills And Teaching New Technical Skills.

The ERP Skills Training Programs are focused on improving existing workforce skills and teaching new skills in the areas of accounting, scheduling, purchasing, quality control, project management, sales order management and more. Vox ISM gets to know your business and tailors the training programs to meet each one of our customer’s specific needs. We also offer soft skills training focusing on communication, negotiation and time management. If you’re looking to grow your organization by improving your existing workforce, then Vox ISM can help. Get started with your performance boosting training plan today.

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Purchasing and Receiving


  • Master data management
  • Purchasing and receiving management
  • Transactional data management
  • Process efficiencies and demonstration
  • Reporting and Analytics
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Accounting and Finance


  • Margin and Earning Performance
  • Strategic Planning and Data – KPI’s
  • Periodic Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Control and Manage Risks – Month End Best Practices
  • Reporting and Analytics
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Canadian Manufacturing


  • Quote to Cash
  • Procure to Pay
  • Inventory Management
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Job Costing
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Sales Order Management


  • Managing Sales Orders and Quotes
  • Setting up Customer Data.
  • Accommodating Campaign Pricing.
  • Setting up Contacts and links to Customers.
  • Ship and Invoice separately (including direct shipments and/or direct invoicing)
  • How to Manage Partial Shipments and Prepayments.
  • Managing Drop Shipments/Special Orders and Posting Orders
  • Managing Sales Line Pricing and Sales Line Discounts
  • Managing Returns Efficiently
  • Managing Multiple Addresses and Price Lists for Individual Customers
  • Using Analytics to Make Data-driven Decisions
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Labour Time Reporting


  • Employee time and data collection and monitoring.
  • Applying time & attendance rules to generate regular & overtime hours for payroll processing.
  • Strategic Planning and Data – KPI’s, Summary and Statistics reports to manage employee performance, Idle time, direct / indirect labour, Work analysis, Jobs Analysis.
  • Jobs – Time sheet control and approval process, Actual to budget.
  • Resource Planning – Manage Production Orders – Output quantities and hours.
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Warehouse and Inventory Management


  • Mastering Warehouse Processes
  • Master Data – default locations, transfer routes, locations, zones,
  • Transactions – transfers, label printing, inventory inquiries and adjustments
  • Production Orders and Processing
  • Bin management
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