Standard operating procedures (SOP’s) are what companies use to create consistency when a process is performed.

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The combination of SOP’s and on-line training videos’ embedded in the Dynamics software reduces training costs for new implementations and future training for new staff members.


SOP’s enhance consistency throughout the organization, reduce human error and improve communication. These are the other benefits.


1)      It increases the quality of information that is collected which is ultimately used later for business analysis and management reporting


2)      It fulfills quality requirements and compliancy (GMP, FDA, TS, ISO, AS9100, etc.)


3)      It reduces unnecessary duplication of effort


Vox ISM 2014” – provides 69 SOP’s written in an ISO 9000 format for every major job function in the company. We also online training video’s for each job function.

Mike Fontaine

March 28 2014