Supply Chain Management with Dynamics NAV

Manufacturers, Distributors and Microsoft Dynamics NAV!

Many manufacturers and distributors who are using supply chain management are enduring a tough challenge in becoming a leader in their market niches. But there is a way for them to increase their market share, income, and profitability even in the current economic climate scenario. Manufacturers and distributors can do this without reducing prices or by transforming their business models entirely. The only thing they need is the Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers all the tools a business requires to operate efficiently by increasing profitability and new growth opportunities. Regardless of whether a company has single or multi-site warehouses, Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help it improve manufacturing, distribution, and inventory control. This system also allows manufacturers and distributors to manage various business processes to fit their particular needs.

Supply Chain Management in Dynamics NAV:

Knowing what is on the way to the warehouse and when it is on hand allows the manufacturers to sell merchandise they do not have yet with confidence that the customer will get delivery when expected.

Supply chain visibility also helps to know when a shipment might still be on another continent or held in customs. Therefore, this knowledge can prevent the embarrassment of scheduling a deal when the product is due to be late.

There are eight different types of reports in Dynamics NAV. These reports help to increase clarity, improve inventory control, increase efficiency in reporting and furthermore, they create automated workflows.

  1. Operational Reports
  2. Performance Reports
  3. Recommendation Reports
  4. Audit Reports
  5. Control Reports
  6. Worksheets
  7. What-if Reports
  8. Ad-hoc reporting and analysis

Learn more about the supply chain management reporting from the Vox ISM experts.

MRP and Scheduling with Dynamics NAV

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