Dynamics CRM 2016 Now Available


2:30 – 2:35 pm

Dynamics CRM 2016

How crazy is 2016 technology?   Mind-blowing!!

Join us for a quick webinar and we’ll show you what a 2016 CRM system can do for your business with all of the Microsoft Technologies working together. Predictive Analytics to guide customers through suggested and similar products, Social Engagement to power modern internet marketing campaigns, and communication integration making it easy to collaborate, share ideas and get the job done in a mobile world.

VoxISM has just upgraded our industry specific add-on’s to work with Dynamics CRM 2016. This means that if you’re a new customer we can implement CRM systems faster, cheaper and easier than our competition and if you’re an existing customer it means we can start upgrade discussions. Even if you’re on an old version of CRM we can provide upgrade services that make it very economical for you to take advantage of new technology.

We will discuss

·         What is a CRM system?

·         New user interface overview

·         Mobile technology

·         Workflow and Process automation

·         Predictive Analytics and queries using Cortana (Artificial intelligence for Microsoft)

·         Social Engagement and Marketing

·         Communications and Collaboration using SharePoint, OneNote, Outlook, Word

·         Power BI and Integrated Excel

.Jim Heaton– President

3:00 – 3:15

Technology Considerations and how to upgrade

-       What do I need to run 2016 technology?

-       What’s the process for upgrading?

-       How do I take advantage of mobile technology?

3:15 – 3:30 pm

Questions and Answers

We’ll open the phones for any questions on what you’ve just seen.

Additional Instructions:

Go to www.voxism.com to find out more information on the products, services and news from Microsoft.