In the world of Client Relationship Management software, Microsoft jumps ahead with the release of Unified Interface Hubs. Now, you may be thinking, “What are the Dynamics 365 Hubs, and why should I care about them?” Well, the new consolidated user interface applications not only look and feel more streamlined, but they provide advanced functionality and business process control. In previous versions of Microsoft CRM/ Dynamics 365, the web client application felt clunky and provided no separation between the different departments that your organisation may have. As a result, users in one department (i.e. Sales), would have to navigate through another department’s area to find the information pertinent to their day-to-day use. To top that off, the applications were stationary, and not mobile friendly. With Dynamics 365 hubs, those issues are no more!

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The Dynamics 365 Unified Interface hubs are instantly deployed in your Dynamics 365 environment, with separated applications for Sales, Customer Service, Project Service Automation, and Field Service. Each different hub is tailor-made and streamlined for each area of your business. This includes updated dashboards, more user-friendly interfaces, and navigational menus drilled down to only relevant components for the user accessing the app.

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Now, on the more administrative side, Dynamics 365 hubs provide incredibly granular configurability when it comes to what data should be visible in the application and who exactly can see it. Specifically, the Hub App designer allows you to pick and choose the exact components that you want available in the application. Following that, the App Designer allows you to designate out-of-the-box or custom security roles to limit access to users who shouldn’t or don’t need to see the information contained in Hub. So not only does it look and feel better, but it adds yet another layer of security control inside of Dynamics 365!

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Blog post by Danny Arkadyev – CRM and Business Intelligence Consultant

Danny is a Microsoft Certified CRM and BI Consultant with Vox ISM. He provides on-site and remote consulting for a variety of clients to best enrich their CRM for analytics/reporting. Danny specializes in automation, CRM configurations and how to best structure data to create the most useful and meaningful visuals for end users.  As a 4th year student in Computer Science at The University of Western Ontario, Danny brings his focus on database architecture to the playing field at VOX, applying data flow theory into practice with constantly changing software and implementations.