Business is good for manufacturing in Ontario right now. But if your current business management software isn’t keeping up you may be missing out on opportunities. There has never been a better time to upgrade your business solutions, and the Ontario government is chipping in through a variety of grants and funding programs.

Right now we are offering a 50% discount for those currently using Visual to move over to Microsoft Dynamics.

Visual to NAV savings

Businesses today need to be agile and provide their team with the access to data when needed, regardless if they are working from home, on the road visiting clients and sitting at their desk in your office. If you are using Visual you are aware it must run on Windows 3.0. Microsoft Dynamics NAV, however, has the option to run on all platforms and devices, including tablets and smart phones. Designed for a web and mobile world, Microsoft Dynamics is similar to Office and easy to use.

The role-based screens in Microsoft Dynamics Role Centre provide you with all of the information needed to do your job on one screen. This screen is configurable for each user and displays the information you need rather than you having to take the time to “find” it. In Visual you would need to have eight screens open at once, whereas with Dynamics you have one screen to work from and the ability to drill down immediately.

If you are performing four to five daily tasks, Microsoft Dynamics will save you time. For instance in Visual, in order to view shipping orders, you are required to print a shipping delivery report on paper then reference the number and return back into the customer order entry window on a daily basis. Now with one click you can see all of the orders and review prices, terms, shipping addresses, etc.V2N rolescreen

Your organization has most likely spent thousands of dollars on reports for Visual. Vox ISM offers four Business Intelligence (BI) cubes that allow you to create your own reports using Excel. No need for expensive consultants to get involved, if your employees can use Excel reports can be create with ease. Power BI gives you the ability to visualize sales by customer, city, region, and territory. Strategize where to direct new marketing campaigns or service centers with this powerful tool.

Your employees would have had to be trained on how to access and use Visual, never mind programming. The .Net technology used by Microsoft Dynamics is easy to use making programming much simpler. Well aware of the importance of ISO 9001, we provide your business with 69 standard operating procedures written in this format. Allowing for a smooth transition from Visual to Dynamics.

We have over 20 years experience working with Manufacturing and Distribution organizations and understand your industries. Vox has applied that expertise and configured/added the imperative parts of Visual that were missing from Dynamics. ERP software is used in many different industries. Vox has tailored these systems specifically for manufacturing and distribution.

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