sales and staff training - summer business planning

The Vox ISM team meets in Haliburton a few times a year to do business planning and as always some fun on the lake, lots of great food and generally quite a blast.  We spent an afternoon planning the 2017 free weekly training webinars for our customers and prospects. This year we changed it up a little and each Vox ISM employee does a webinar and decides what topics to show, does the preparation work and does the presentation.  A great way for our staff to learn and get extra training.  The weather, well it has been a rainy year and Haliburton was no exception some good weather and some really stormy weather…the cottage is on Stormy Lake.

Sales and Staff Training for our Customers too

A variety of subjects for everyone.  Webinars are hosted every week. Here is Just July and August topics to register go to

25-Jul Wed Webinar 1:30 CRM Switch JH. JS
26-Jul Thursday Webinar 1:30 NAV Switch MF, JH
2-Aug Wed Webinar 1:30 Advanced Mfg- lean mfg, machine integration LD, MF
9-Aug Wed Webinar 1:30 Excel with Excel MF, SC
16-Aug Wed Webinar 1:30 CRM for sales JH, JS, ED
23-Aug Wed Webinar 1:30 Projects 1 JH, JS, MK


Having owned an Aerospace shop for 30 years I understand staff turnaround and the average employee stays less than 4 years, application erosion can be avoided by constant training and it’s free – 45 minutes each week on Wednesdays. Training is essential, Vox ISM provides 50+ hours of free training each and every year, great topics for all from accounting to shop floor. Take advantage!

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