Every year Microsoft adds new functionality to Dynamics NAV. Literally 100’s if not 1000’s of enhancements are made to the product, but many times that new functionality does not make the top 10 Dynamics NAV marketing lists and without exposure the features go unnoticed and undocumented. In this blog we will explore three of the hidden gems inside the user personalization menus. Just think, if Microsoft is adding three features just to one page then what is available elsewhere? We’ll get there later, for now let’s focus on just three.

1. Hidden Role Centers

The user personalization menu is where you go to configure your role center. It determines what will be on the landing page for the user. For instance, a production planner’s role will be different from an order processor or accounting manager.


3 new Dynamics NAV Features - user personalization

To setup the role you click edit and select from a drop list of pre-designed roles, as shown in below.

3 new Dynamics NAV Features - edit user personalization

Click advanced to see the page of available options.

3 new Dynamics NAV Features - profile list

Now click ‘new’; you will see a large list of hidden options.

3 new Dynamics NAV Features - all objects with caption

There is a Payroll Role Center, a Human Resources Role Center and a Credit and Collections a CFO and others available for investigation and discovery. This for example is the Human Resources Role Center – simple and clean

3 new Dynamics NAV Features - HR role center

2. Disable Personalization

Other role center features include the ability to disable personalization. This setting will prevent the user from making changes (and getting confused as a result).

3 new Dynamics NAV Features - disable personalization

3. Activate OneNote

Another handy feature is activating OneNote. You will notice that it is available but greyed out and not accessible

3 new Dynamics NAV Features - activate onenote

You need to activate it in the role center. Activate both the OneNote Record notes and page notes. This will make is easier to search and sort afterwards for the users.

3 new Dynamics NAV Features - activate onenote edit profile card

Now when you are on a record you can click OneNote and it will activate. Allowing you to store unlimited notes, specifications, drawings, etc. associated to the record in Dynamics. This doesn’t eliminate the comments functionality but enhances and makes the information central for all users.

3 new Dynamics NAV Features - viewing one note from NAV

This is especially helpful for large projects or jobs for project managers.  It keeps a running list of commentary and notes of perhaps why the job was late or over costed and makes it easy to find additional information about the job without having to find hundreds of other files.

3 new Dynamics NAV Features - viewing onenote


The Vox ISM vertical accelerator also offers the ability to copy personalizations from one user to another, not a standard feature in Dynamics NAV 2017. Also it includes the ability to block or stop invoicing from the purchase order or sales order screens. Remember that Vox ISM’s primary industry is manufacturing followed by distribution and so we try to include functionality that matters most. With each new version of Dynamics NAV, Vox ISM also upgrades and maintains our customizations and provides these free of charge to customers on support.

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