There is a lot of debate over the impact of AI; some calling for its regulation and others calling for its development. Regardless of Elon Musk’s fear mongering, there will be a lot of change around the way we do work in the next decade. The tools we use will no longer be passive, but intuitive, which creates unlimited potential. The combination of computer intelligence and human intelligence will allow us to do things we never thought possible.

Computers can now generate and come up with solutions to our problems. This all started with scientists programming a computer to play tic-tac-toe and now we have self-driving cars. Humans and robots have a lot to learn from each other. Currently, AI is being used in the fields of medical research, space exploration, and behavioural analysis. It is saving lives, discovering new planets, and on a more superficial level, predicting consumerism.

AI in today’s workplace – Microsoft business solutions

In our day-to-day work environment, AI is empowering users across the globe. In Microsoft’s business solutions it provides improved quality of information and ease of access to it. For example, with Microsoft’s CRM/Dynamics 365, the AI powered Relationship Assistant is capable of relationship building by making suggestions to help reps close more deals. It continuously analyzes your vast collection of customer-interaction data, evaluates your activities in relationship to past successes, and provides actionable insights for users to take. For ease-of-access to your data, Cortana, Microsoft’s human-like AI, can be used from any MS device to query specific data from your various Microsoft solutions. “Hey, Cortana what was my average cost per mile by destination?” and instantly Cortana responds with Visuals and data.

AI in today's workplace - Cortana questions

AI in security systems

AI is also being used as a tool to aid cyber security. With cyber-attacks topping the list of the United States’ fastest growing crimes it’s a necessity. Businesses must protect themselves and defend their assets against malicious hackers from the dark web who want to extort their data. AI embedded in security measures are used to identify weaknesses and exploits faster than their human counterparts; closing gaps and building walls to keep hackers out. The reins to security are not being handed over to AI fully, but by providing it as a support tool to cyber security specialists, your data is significantly safer.

AI is the future, there’s no way around it. With it, companies will grow increasingly more efficient, develop more personalized marketing strategies, and provide improved customer service. When integrated with CRM, NAV, and Power BI companies can utilize real-time analytics and data integration features to make better data-driven decisions; a practice being performed at 80% of the Fortune 500 companies. If your company has limited time and resources, the ability to automate could be the difference between success and failure.