The Vox ISM team took to the streets of downtown Toronto to experience the Microsoft Ignite Tour that was held over two frigidly cold days! This is a cool event with thousands of people packed into the Metro Convention Centre. Amongst the demo hubs and air hockey tables, there are hundreds of Microsoft Experts leading seminars and answering product questions. Vox ISM sent the team down to find out all the latest and greatest coming out of Microsoft.

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There are three reoccurring theme’s at this event; Microsoft is focusing on Security in the Cloud, Collaboration, and Simplifying how you work. As Microsoft presenter Stephen Rose stated during his presentation “Work is no longer a place” and Microsoft is addressing this dynamic work environment by focusing on bringing Collaborative Tools that allow employees to work from anywhere, work faster and go home earlier! Tools like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Groups, OneDrive, Skype, and SharePoint allow employees to stay connected no matter where they are.

Microsoft’s “Fluid Design” allows users to access Apps and Data that look the same across all devices, simplifying the interface and using customer feedback to engineer easily to use products. With increased accessibility and cloud technology – many are concerned about the security and safety of their data and their customer’s information. Microsoft has invested their team into Security Compliance through applications like Microsoft Lockbox and Secure Score, which opens up infinite options into regulating internal access to your data and controlling what can be shared by your staff.

The Microsoft Ignite sessions begin at 8:30 am with a Kickoff Breakfast where our Team would meet; there are How To sessions that last 5-15 minutes and engaging seminars that last about an hour inside of huge auditoriums full of hundreds of attendees. During lunch, the Microsoft Panel discusses various topics such as skills for the future workforce. The Microsoft experts are buzzing around explaining, talking, demoing the various Microsoft Products; attendees are playing Arcade Pacman and foosball. The Vox ISM team had the chance to connect with peers and discuss the latest innovations from Microsoft that will help our customers transform their business.

Blog post by Ksenia Beljakova – Sales Team Member – Vox ISM

Ksenia Beljakova

Sales Team Member

Ksenia Beljakova graduated from Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Communications. Shortly after graduation – Ksenia began her career as a business owner, before moving onto Procurement & Logistics in the Distribution & Manufacturing sector.

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