In 2019, Vox ISM will be hosting a series of events, seminars, and webinars to satisfy every type of customer and every role within a company. Based on the feedback that we have received over the years, we are offering a series of different kinds of learning environments to suit your individual needs. Best of all, all these events are free, and to improve your personal and work skills.

Vox ISM Events

Cozy face to face meetings (Workshops)

We have found that the majority of our manufacturing and distribution customers value an in-person meeting more than a webinar.  An in-person meeting is more satisfying, cozier (fewer people) and provides better clarity and a clear focus on the products and services offered.  It facilitates your employee’s ability to retain and communicate information by the virtue that the sessions are longer and, and you can ask interactive questions as opposed to trying to focus on a topic in a distracted and difficult to hear an in a workplace environment.

Be in the know with Webinars

Webinars are designed for busy professionals who value concise and informative information.  Our webinars focus on top issues that your industry needs.  Each webinar is recorded in our resource center so you can share with your colleagues the valuable insights and strategies afterward. Our top speakers are typically consultants who will provide useful content you won’t find anywhere else.

Technology Inspired Trade Shows

Twice a year Vox ISM hosts tradeshows at Microsoft Canada.  We collaborate with many vendors and create inspiring product showcases and customer success stories. You will get a chance to network with other attendees, compare products, find solutions specific to your company needs and see the industry’s latest technology and the future direction of the Microsoft products.

Half Hour How to’s:

A half hour how to’s are a new webinar offering from Vox ISM.  These lunches and learn webinars focus only one topic or feature in detail and are designed for busy users who need the information to be more productive but who can attend a short session during a lunch break.  Since the webinar is only one topic you can ask as many questions as you like.  It is indeed a free training session offered by Vox ISM.

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