Talent acquisition, management and transformation are crucial anchors for any company. However, they often find themselves sunk in a pool of challenges ranging from lack of skilled talent, less employee engagement, and loss of top talent to other companies. One competitive advantage that separates successful businesses from unsuccessful ones is their people.

So how do you assure you get the best talent on board for your growing business? One way is to implement Vox ISM’s Human Capital Management module for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 Human Capital Management module enables you to leverage excellent experiences across the talent journey by attracting the right people, ensuring proper onboarding, engagement, and growth.

Dynamics 365 HCM

What makes Dynamics 365 HCM solution different?

The HR module of an ERP solution unifies multiple of the employee management functions like storing employee information, managing payrolls, maintaining policies, and making the entire HR process streamlined and easy to manage.

However, they usually aren’t employee-centric and often do not benefit managers, HR staff, and your current or prospective employees evenly. Many studies have shown that North American companies that use a human capital management strategy are able to reduce their total cost of ownership – the total amount spent per employee on all HR-related services – by an average of 26 per cent.

Dynamics 365 HCM_1

Vox ISM’s Human Capital Management module for Microsoft Dynamics 365  is the answer to your HCM strategy. The Human Capital Management module developed by the Vox ISM team is the ideal “already ready” solution for managing your employees’ information in your Dynamics 365 environment. The solution contains multiple valuable components that every HR department can benefit from, including (but not limited to):

  • Employee Files
  • Managing Employee Absences/Leave Requests
  • Onboarding and Turnover Tracking
  • Employee Certifications/Skills and When They Expire
  • Analytics to Easily Keep Track of your Human Resources KPIs
  • Self Service Employee Portal
  • Document Management with SharePoint
  • Integrate able with Business Central/ Microsoft NAV on-premises
Dynamics 365 HCM_2

This module has been designed to minimize the time it takes to integrate the solution into your environment while maximizing the effectiveness and cost of your organization. Just one example of this is the use of the Employee Self Service Portal (as seen above). With the ability to submit leave requests, see their information and engage in Q&A, even employees that are unlicensed in your Dynamics 365 tenant can engage fully with your HR staff.

Furthermore, this solution integrates seamlessly with your existing financials system, allowing you to translate your HR KPIs into a quick cost/benefit analysis. So instead of spending time sorting through stacks of paperwork about leave requests, job applications, formal complaints, switch to Vox Ism’s Human Capital Management module and see the improvement immediately!

Interested to know more about Dynamics 365 HCM Solution?

Vox ISM is organizing an exclusive webinar on Dynamics 364 HCM module on February 6 – Managing the Employee Life Cycle – Hiring to Retiring. Click here for webinar agenda.

Attend this webinar to learn how you can give your managers and employees core HR capabilities in a single location that streamline processes and create programs that optimize workforce costs, deliver business impact, and drive an agile, high-performance culture.

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Blog post by Danny Arkadyev – CRM and Business Intelligence Consultant

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Danny is a Microsoft Certified CRM and BI Consultant with Vox ISM. He provides on-site and remote consulting for a variety of clients to best enrich their CRM for analytics/reporting. Danny specializes in automation, CRM configurations and how to best structure data to create the most useful and meaningful visuals for end users.