In today’s economic scenario, it is difficult and more challenging for any business to stay on top and grow steadily. Hence, one of the most significant challenges for every sales rep is to understand customers’ behaviours and expectations. When customers contact you, they are already far through the sales process. To put it differently, let’s take a look at these impressive numbers:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

If you want to be a successful sales rep, you need the right set of tools. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is the most robust CRM system in the market. It significantly brings digital intelligence into each deal, so you can predict customer needs and meet them with the personal attention that builds relationships and revenue.

Functionalities of Dynamics 365 for Sales:

–   Opportunity Management: With Dynamics CRM for Sales, you can manage customers and opportunities from anywhere. Thus, you have access to the entire customer relationship histories at your disposal.

–   Selling on Social Networks: You can strengthen your reach on social media networks, create valuable content for prospects and clients from Dynamics 365 and ultimately, keep your sales pipeline consistently replenished.

–  Advanced Planning: You can refine your sales numbers, define goals and objective, monitor performance and can significantly provide feedback and training in real-time with Dynamics 365 for Sales.

–  Powerful Integration: You can create personalised sales documents by doing a real-time collaboration with Office 365. Henceforth, with Dynamics 365, you can manage your sales documents directly in SharePoint, Office 365 groups and OneDrive for Business.

–  Go Mobile: Dynamics CRM gives you the power to work from anywhere at any time via tablets and smartphones.

–  Smart Sales: With Microsoft Cortana intelligence, you can get up-sell and cross-sell recommendations. View trends inside panels and pre-built reports made with Microsoft Power BI and also make use of the questions and answers feature. You can furthermore obtain sales performance visibility with contextual panels and graphics inside your sales application.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 for Sales:

– Increase productivity with activity tracking and the AI-powered Relationship Assistant.

– Increase efficiency of Business Process Flows that guide your reps through a repeatable process.

– Turn relationships into revenue with Social Selling, and also track the value of your marketing initiatives with Campaigns.

– Fully integrates to work with Office 365 products.

– Creates distinguished quotes with MS Word, generate interactive reports with MS Excel and also store your notes in OneNote, and shares the information with SharePoint.

– Systemize sales process with standardises processes with your company’s best practices. Move more deals forward.

-Shorten sales cycles by removing obstacles for closing. The sales team will have the tools to win deals quicker.

– Keep the sales funnel full and your company top of mind. No lead is forgotten! Combine LinkedIn for greater visibility.

Learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can help you streamline your sales, automate lead management and enchant your clients with outstanding customer service.

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