Thanks to the small real-estate on smart phones, symbols are now common parts of the digital lexicon.  Their value in internet marketing is that they can succinctly communicate pre-convinced ideas, beliefs and connections without words .  A Twitter symbol can instantly state to the user

‘ I can ‘

  • find out more information
  • get help
  • read reviews
  • see what others might have to say about the product and or service

In my latest experiment I have attempted to convey the value proposition of the Vox 2014 Vertical Accelerator.  Here were some of my design thoughts

  • the colours and tiles were my attempt at re-branding the old Microsoft symbol with the new windows 8 tiles. Hopefully it is clear upon first glance that we are a Microsoft Shop and sell Microsoft products. I also imitated the old font (Helvetia bold)
  • I tried to match the colours of the industry icons to what they are in real life. As I didn’t think a green hamburger or a purple forklift would have the same impact
  • I added symbols that would help to convey our offerings without words (ie. business intelligence cube, local onsite training, etc)
  • Lastly I embedded the lower section of our website, essentially our references and call to action

Piktochart is the website I’m using to create these Infographic pages.  I think we’ll start to see more of this once they figure out how to automatically scale the vector images to any device size.


Mike Fontaine

April 20 2014