This is a great example showcasing the interactive dashboard capabilities in CRM, combined with mobile access.   At a high level the sales rep asks a series of questions that drill down to what the customer is looking for, and then he books the order automatically.

The real secret in this case study is how this customer creates an environment that makes it easy for their prospective customers to buy. He shows not what is available now but quickly what the customer wants and that it is at a discount with the potential to book the order real time and have it shipped same day. This makes it really attractive, immediate and easy. Where’s my credit card!!

Lumber Yard Case Study

Not every tree produces a high quality product nor evenly distributed widths, lengths and thickness. CRM can provide visibility and searching tools for overstock material in addition to driving sales campaigns to help sell overstock or poorer quality products to their customers. This is an illustration of how one of our customers made a major return on investment.

The first screen shows the all of the product availability, but on the right hand side we show the first in graph format the species of wood. This is the first question that the sales rep asks ‘Would you like your new table in oak or maple?’ …illustrating the presumptive close


After the customer answers the first question, the sales rep changes the chart (which is now already pre-filtered) to the size and asks the 2nd question ‘What length were you thinking of?’ 4 x8, 4x 10, etc

Each time the customer answers the question, the chart is changed and the availability of the product narrows down. Remember this list only represents the overstock list, so the sales rep is very motivated to clear it out an can introduce heavy discounts to make it happen.


Once the rep has narrowed in on what’s currently in stock – they can prompt the customer to book now and reserve the existing inventory (which is currently the overstocked) or a custom order could be placed. The sales rep can highlight the available products in inventory and click on the workflow to launch the order.


This particular workflow reserved the inventory, sends an email to the order desk, checked credit and notified shipping!


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April 22 2014

Mike Fontaine