This is an article from Microsoft CRM’s product manager Nelson Lopes.  Well worth reading. Jim

blog 18 partner update

Demo Tips & Pre-Sales Resources
Demand Gen & Customer Immersion Experience (CIE)
  • List Builder in InsideView allows you to create a custom list of prospects in any geography in North America in less than 5mins
  • Dynamics CIE in-a-box
  • How to create a trial invite to include in your e-mail signature or post on your site that automatically sets you up as Partner of Record
  • Let’s increase the awareness of Dynamics together.  Please subscribe to these social feeds & repost/tweet to your own social channels – Dynamics YouTube Channel, Facebook Group, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Reminder:  for presentation, demo and general pre-sales support on competitive opportunities, please do not hesitate to reach out Nelson Lopes.  Let’s close FY14 out strong!
Why Microsoft?
Practice Builder
New ISVs & Add-ons
Training & Readiness
Great Posting

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