Digital Marketing for Manufacturers in 2019 is going to be more important than ever. Lead generation is occurring more and more in the online space, and if manufacturers don’t invest in a digital plan now, it could mean paying massive amounts for it later. Did you know that by 2025, 75% of the workforce will be millennials who conduct most, if not all, of their business online? There’s no more time to ignore this fact. It is evident that we are in the digital age and rely on the Internet to solve all of our problems. Companies that make these solutions clearer and choices easier for us are typically the ones that win our business.

So manufacturers, have we convinced you yet? Here are three more reasons why it is imperative that manufacturers implement a digital marketing plan.

75% of people judge the credibility of a company based on the design of its website alone

You don’t want to be missing out on easy-to-get leads just because your website isn’t mobile-friendly or your design isn’t pleasing to the eye.

94% of B2B customers are doing their initial research on their own (Google)

Before a customer picks up the phone to call your business, they’re already multiple steps further along the sales cycle. Understanding SEO will help you get more qualified leads so by the time a customer calls you they will already know what they want from you and how you can help them.

Employees and customers are beginning to be younger

Businesses need to adapt their communications strategies to cross all forms of technology to connect with their employees and multigenerational buyers (MHEDA Journal). Ditch the outdated and hard-to-use business software for an up-to-date and fully integrated CRM system to help combat multigenerational differences and track where your leads are coming from.

Believe it or not, the majority of manufacturing companies are still in the early stages of content marketing. Meaning there’s still time for you to rank higher on Google and start capturing missed leads with the right marketing strategies and software to make it happen.

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Blog post by Marie Scholz, Co-Founder, Waves Digital Canada

Marie Scholz

Waves Digital is a Canadian marketing agency specializing in small to medium-sized business clients. Waves Digital Canada builds thought leaders and trendsetters through cutting-edge marketing strategies and consultation.