Since 2019, cyber-security has become the top concern for Canadian businesses and almost every day we hear in the news about how another company was hacked and sensitive client information at risk. At VOX ISM, we know that our clients need to protect themselves from hacks and ransomware because it is not a question of “IF”, it is a matter of “WHEN”! So what can you do to protect your sensitive information from the internet pirates?!?!

Our cyber-security expert, Trevor Reid recommends a combination of tactics to help eliminate the threat of hackers. In addition to software that can be implemented to assist in detecting system breaches and data recovery, he recommends the training of best practices to your staff, as the best line of defense.

Here are the Top 10 ways you can protect your company:

  1. Ensure you have regular Off-site Backups – This is Crucial
  2. Make sure you have a Disaster Recover Plan in place
  3. Educate your Staff – your first best defense are your people
  4. Consider End-point security
  5. Revisit and Implement new Password policies
  6. Consider using “Service Accounts” to run key Systems\Services
  7. Consider implementing Multi-factor Authentication
  8. Patch your systems regularly
  9. Ensure you have “Exit procedures” in place for when Employees leave
  10. Consider Managed Security and Services…

If you are considering ransomware protection, VOX ISM has Cyber-Security and Managed Services, offering different levels of protection for your organisation because hackers are sophisticated and your security must also be.

Cyber-Security in 2020_3

Enhanced Security & End-point Protection

  1. Protects your Servers, PCs and Tablets from accidental exposure to cyber-threats.
  2. Applies to Cloud-based users as well as On-premise
  3. Provides intuitive interface for managing settings and configurations for On-line systems along with pre-configured “template” profile.

Secure Backup Protection

  1. The Secure Backup protection offers Off-site backups to ensure safety of backups and recoverability.
  2. Applies to Databases and key files\folders for On-premise
  3. For Cloud-based systems, this includes the backup of O365 Email, Sharepoint and OneDrive files. Dynamics365 users (CRM\BC) already have their Dbases backed up by MS.
  4. Flexible pricing based on usage is available (based on 50GB\mnth packets).

Managed Security & Prevention

  1. Designed for improved Data-loss prevention.
  2. Utilizes Advanced Virus and Spam protection including AI-based AV protection software.
  3. Protects all end-point devices (PCs, Servers, routers etc.).
  4. Includes Policy-Driven Encryption to help protect against “data mining”.
  5. Applies to On-line\D365 users as well as On-premise with Windows, MAC and Linux OS.

All of this has never been more critical then NOW! In light of COVID-19 shutdowns, many companies are allowing staff to work from home, which also means they are currently more vulnerable to hacks as people work from personal devices with minimal protection set in place.

What is your company doing to protect itself? What is your plan next time something like this happens? Be prepared and begin the conversation of security and ransomware protection – VOX ISM is your one-stop shop, contact us today to get started! Join us for more updates on the modern workplace by signing up for our exclusive webinars – next week’s is all about the Workplace & Coronavirus – Get Connected with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft’s leading edge collaboration tool!


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