CAMM held two events last Wednesday. Both were well attended and well done.

  1. The Windsor Mold Expo from 10am to 4pm
  2. CAMM AGM Dinner Meeting from 4 to 8pm

Vox ISM had a booth at the Windsor Mold Expo. There were approximately 60 exhibitors and many of the Oldcastle area mold shops attended to see what was new. Right behind the Vox ISM booth was the Crest Mold booth manned by Michelle and Will. They had lots of traffic.

CAMM and Crest Mold


I would like to thank the many Vox ISM mold customers that dropped by to say hello and chat about the show and the day.  Thanks to Toolplas, Confidence Tool, Pangeo & Redoe, A.V Gauge, Crest Mold, Laval International, Circle 5 Tool, and AIS.

The CAMM AGM dinner meeting had three excellent speakers:

  1. Ray Tanguay – Automotive Advisor
  2. Flavio Volpe, President of APMA – who discussed NAFTA
  3. Jonathon Azzopardi, Chairman of CAMM, President of Laval International

Windsor mold makers and CAMM


If you want to find out why so many Oldcastle mold shops use Microsoft Mold Manufacturing software you can register for a free webinar by clicking the link below.