Adventures in consulting with Olga Hedroits & Jacob Steinfeld. Written by Olga Hedroits.

Throughout my career as a project manager in the healthcare industry, specifically HR, Health/Wellness and software development space, I noticed a trend with a few organizations. Once you’re hired, it seems as though people are too busy to show you the ropes. Let me tell you, this is not the case with Vox ISM! I am proud to say that I joined Vox ISM less than a week ago, and so far, the training I received has been an amazing experience. Let me briefly share with you my training agenda and activities for today.

Today’s beautiful sunny day of November 7th started off with a 10am visit to the Farber Financial Group located downtown Toronto. The meeting itself was led by the CRM guru, Jacob Steinfeld, where he led a Contact and Database Management training session with the Administrators and Marketing teams. My role was to take notes, follow-up activities and to absorb the information. As people say, sometimes the best way to learn is to watch and listen. The rest of the afternoon was allocated towards meeting with first Closing the Gap Healthcare organization located in Mississauga and then with Workplace Medical Clinic in Etobicoke. The purpose of both meetings was to introduce myself to the project teams as well as discuss where the project is at and what we are working towards. As an experienced Project Manager in the healthcare industry I am looking forward to utilizing my skills to support these customers, and many others moving forward.

With a few jokes here and there, watching Jacob providing training, reviewing case log with the project team, as well as advising on best ways to utilize Dynamics CRM software in the most efficient manner, we managed to finish the training right on time, 4 pm. With no doubt, today was a good day! I am enthusiastic to see what is next on the training agenda for me, as well as what this opportunity brings me in the future.

vox ism new staff_on the road

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