As many of my readers know, on June 13, 2016, Microsoft Corp. acquired LinkedIn Corporation for $196 per share, valued at $26.2 billion.

microsoft and linkedin _purchase

This recent deal allows Microsoft to embed LinkedIn in its many existing products including Dynamics 365. At the time, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, knew he had bought a precious social network product. LinkedIn’s popularity has skyrocketed over the last decade and has influenced over 500 million subscribers from more than 200 countries to join its network. It is explicit, with 227 million users using LinkedIn monthly and profile details regularly updated, allows companies to empower every person and organization listed on LinkedIn.

Taking selling to a completely new level

In the fourth quarter of this year (2017), Dynamics 365 and Dynamics and LinkedIn Sales Navigator will be integrated together. No more Lead Sales lists or Excel worksheets required. This seamless experience will allow reps to save valuable time. Instead of flipping back and forth between Dynamics 365 (CRM) and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, the Sales Reps can spend more time selling. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator has been available for purchase for some time. It has enhanced its users in many ways by providing the following:

  • Highly tailored relationship mapping
  • Nurturing Leads in the pipeline
  • Making Direct Contact with Decision-Makers

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Sales Rep can navigate to any contact or company record directly from their Dynamics CRM having LinkedIn as a side bar with useful information. From this LinkedIn side bar, they can use the data to create, track, and close sales deals faster. Sales Reps can use LinkedIn to research their company leads and their employees. At their fingertips, the rep has data of where these people are working now, their profile (head shot) photo and job titles, and work history directly from within Dynamics. From their CRM, the rep can also gather data from LinkedIn to find out what school their connections went to and what interest groups these people share. From the account records, the rep has a glance at their industry, size, and location.

microsoft and linkedin _accounts screen.jpg

Benefits of the Sales Navigator with CRM Integration

  • Sales Reps can prepare before calls to gain insights on the company and contact to have everything readily available.
  • Sales Reps can choose to use these Icebreakers interest groups to share experiences and interests to connect to their leads using commonalities.
  • The latest industry news feeds keeps the Sales Reps informed.
  • Sales Reps can also use LinkedIn’s Recommended Leads and TeamLink with their connections to connect to a network of leads and opportunities.
  • Sales Reps can receive Account and Lead Updates including news mentions and job changes when viewing accounts in Dynamics.
  • The LinkedIn Sales Navigator widget is useful for saving time and providing accurate data for planning and validating data for marketing campaigns, or planning an annual sales territory.

For further information on installing the CRM Widget for Microsoft Dynamics or implementing Dynamics 365, contact me, Linda Heaton, by phone, 905-840-7477 or by email, At Vox ISM we are here to help you succeed.


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