On November 13, Vox ISM President Jim Heaton and I attended the SherWeb Accelerate Cloud Summit event in Toronto, Ontario

sherweb event - microsoft for smb - moving to the cloud


At Vox ISM, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve, not an easy task in the IT world. The constant changing landscape is offering up more advancements than any one organization can keep up with. That’s why in the software industry we look after each other through dynamics communities, online forums, webinars, and organized events. Each year at Vox ISM we dedicate roughly 1000+ hours of research and development for our employees to expand their wealth of knowledge. That’s why we attended the SherWeb event, to gain more insights on what’s available today from Microsoft for SMB. If you have been following our blog or newsletter then you know right now there’s 3 key areas to focus on; CRM, Power BI, and AI. And the cloud too of course, but that’s been a hot topic for years and if you’re just learning about it now then you are way behind. Don’t worry though, SherWeb and Vox ISM can get you up to speed on the Cloud.

Microsoft for SMB – The day’s events

The event featured many well-known names in the Microsoft industry including Rick McCutcheon, Marie Wiese, Julian Lee, and more. Rick McCutheon, a 20 year CRM vet shared his wisdom on why Microsoft for SMB is growing faster than ever in its history.

“In analyzing Nucleus ROI case studies on CRM the average returns from CRM have increased since 2011, from $5.60 to $8.71 for every dollar spent.”

That is an unprecedented ROI. Sure you can manage your pipeline from a spreadsheet, SMBs have been doing it for years. But do you plan to stay in business for the years to come? With Microsoft’s seamless integration of its products, sales, service and marketing teams are empowered. Active users manage their time better, increase productivity, and close deals sooner. And as an added bonus they build a robust database for your management and analytics teams. With the latest integration that data is instantly connected to Power BI giving your management teams strong visuals, empowering them to make data driven decisions. Take a look at this graph created with Power BI that shows Microsoft Dynamics growth across North America.

sherweb event - microsoft for smb - dynamics 365 national adoption


Julian Lee spoke about how organizations can be top performers. He pointed out, “Smart businesses do 4 things differently. Drive customer lifetime value, ‘digitize’ Marketing and Sales, optimize operations, and stand out.” Smart businesses use intuitive software, and today that software is available on-premises and in the Cloud from Microsoft. Keep in mind the major shift is heading towards fully operating out of the Cloud. If you need more information on the Cloud you could scour the internet, or simply contact Vox ISM and we, and our CSP partner SherWeb, will get you the information you need.

What does this mean for you, the SMB customer?

It means the shift is coming and early-adopters will gain the competitive advantages. The new tools for sales force automation, marketing integration, LinkedIn lead generation and database growth, analytics and AI, are already here. With Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics 365, soon to be simply called Microsoft 365, you can get everything from 1 source at an SMB price. A complete, intelligent solution that empowers your organization to achieve more.
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Jacob Steinfeld
Vox ISM | CRM Consultant