fall training day - new hires

First day of Training at Vox ISM has proven to be both challenging and rewarding, but the four new hires and I are in the same boat, sailing towards the same goal. My name is Ksenia Beljakova, and I am one of two, new Project Managers to join the fast-paced and exciting environment of Vox ISM. My new colleagues are Kevin, Nir, and Olga; they are joining Vox ISM as Project Managers, Consultants, and Sales Representatives.

For the first day, we covered the obvious basics such as corporate structure and Vox ISM processes, but the true value in training was what the President, Jim Heaton and General Manager, Ed Michitsch call “Adult Style Learning”. This type of learning is meant to get the student to try whatever they are learning in a “hands-on” fashion. For example, we learned to read a Sales Quote by creating a Sales Quote. There were plenty mistakes, but in this “Adult Style Learning” environment, you have to let your guard down and trust that everyone in the room is there to learn and not judge.

It is always a challenge to sit in the room with your President and General Manager; you want to say all the right things and make the perfect impression. Although, the real reward of being put on-the-spot and challenged, is the personal growth a new employee experiences when faced with trying situations.

The Vox ISM Team

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