At k-eCommerce, we’ve been helping B2B companies sell and grow online for nearly 20 years, specializing in e-commerce platforms integrated to Microsoft Dynamics. We offer a turnkey, Cloud-based SaaS solution that lowers costs, opens new markets, and improves every dimension of your business.

ERP Integration

k-eCommerce is an ERP-integrated solution. It communicates directly with Microsoft Dynamics to share business data in real time. When a data point updates on one system, the same update happens automatically on the other. Managing one system makes it easier to report on and limits integration problems.

For instance, when a customer places an order, the information copies over to the ERP. When the order is invoiced in the ERP, the invoice copies over to the e-commerce platform. This way, orders get processed more quickly (and customers are happier).


Since ERP integration frees up so much time for your staff, they can focus on resolving major customer issues quickly. k-eCommerce takes this a step further, providing built-in customer self-service options that let your clients resolve many issues for themselves.

The classic example is ordering: customers can place orders anywhere, without any help from your team. Once the order is placed, customers can log into their accounts and check the order status themselves, update their contact info, or add new payment methods.

Scalable Growth

B2B e-commerce makes it possible for businesses to go from local to global very quickly. Selling internationally brings its own set of challenges like tax compliance and language support.

k-eCommerce is a cloud-based solution. As you get more traffic and your bandwidth needs increase, your cloud-based web platform literally just “scales up” with you to meet them. And k-eCommerce is a Software as a Service platform, which makes it easy to stay current with new versions as you grow your business.

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