For many businesses, paper is still crucial in many processes. The problem is that such systems are very difficult to maintain and control as well as being time consuming and expensive.

This is where, Zetadocs can help as its software integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV to help improve your businesses processes and the way in which your business operates on a day to day basis by taking you away from your paper based system to an online system.

Zetadocs Financial Process Automation Conference (F-PAC) 2019

Zetadocs Expenses is a complete, on-the-go solution for travel and expenses management. Zetadocs Capture stores emails and scanned documents alongside Business Central transactions for instant access from within Business Central or directly from an electronic archive, while Zetadocs Delivery enables you to email batches of documents in PDF format from within Business Central, helping your finance team produce and send documents such as customer invoices and statements.

Financial processes that Zetadocs helps make more efficient include:

  • Expense management: On the go expense capture & seamless integration with your ERP solution means no rekeying travel expenses, saving you time
  • Electronic invoicing: Instantly deliver and archive electronic invoices, drastically reducing the cost and time of invoicing
  • Sales order processing: Reduce costs with email delivery and speed up query resolution by capturing your customers’ purchase orders
  • Supplier invoice processing: Automatically split & file scanned batches of supplier invoices to increase staff productivity & improve handling of payables
  • Collections management: Simplify collections management by presenting the right documents to the right people at the right time, encouraging earlier dialogue which allows faster dispute resolution & payment
  • Proof of delivery: Reliably scan and store batches of signed Proof of Delivery (POD) notes, allowing instant on-screen access that raises staff productivity and improves customer service

Learn more about Zetadocs Expenses at F-PAC 2019. Financial Process Automation Conference is Microsoft’s first Financial conference in Toronto. Click below for more details.

FPAC 2019