The COVID-19 outbreak pushed Canadian manufacturing companies to grapple with a new reality. Business continuity became paramount, and customers turned to technology to adapt as quickly as possible. Microsoft Cloud for manufacturing offers new ways to grow, innovate, and boost their operational excellence. These technologies are helping Canadian manufacturers more effectively engage their customers, empower their employees, optimize their operations, and transform their products and services. This cloud-driven digital transformation drives the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It captures the benefits of this transformation is imperative for manufacturers to sustain and sharpen their competitive strengths in an “Industry 4.0” economy. Among other benefits, Microsoft cloud-based services can equip manufacturers to better meet their customer needs by integrating data from multiple sources—including customer interactions, product performance monitoring, and social networks—and using that data to provide essential insights into market behaviour and customer activity across the product lifecycle.

Canadian manufacturers must adopt innovative technology that offers agility in the supply chain to respond to changes in the environment, customer preferences, competitive forces, or unforeseen crises promptly.

Microsoft Cloud for manufacturing

Reasons to choose Microsoft Cloud Apps!

  1. Microsoft has 40+ years of supporting manufacturing and decades powering manufacturing shop floor systems with Windows embedded technology and has the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings of any cloud service provider.
  2. Microsoft is a leader in hybrid cloud solutions, a significant consideration for manufacturers who need a predictable, safe and secure performance in their edge operations and are not yet comfortable with full cloud transitions.
  3. Microsoft is on the leading edge of development in the cloud, IoT, advanced analytics, mixed reality, security technologies and artificial intelligence.
  4. Microsoft has committed to invest $5B in IoT to enable transformation through intelligent edge and cloud and open industrial interoperability $5B in IoT standards such as OPC UA.
  5. Microsoft is the only technology and platform organization delivering security from chips to the cloud and protecting its customers and partners IP with its portfolio of over 10,000 patents.

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