I’d like to personally invite you our upcoming “double-double” Dynamics presentation at the Microsoft Canada Office in Mississauga on the morning of Wednesday, April 9th.

april invite

In our double-header event we will be demonstrating the best practices and latest software for both Dynamics CRM and NAV

You also have a choice whether you want to attend in person, or if you’re unable to attend the event, we will be broadcasting the keynote speakers and the live software demonstrations as a free online experience over the web.

I know everyone is busy, so why is it worth your time to attend this event?

1)      Well, you might be relatively new to Dynamics.  You need an overview of the technology and software capabilities – this is free training with 50 other customers.

2)      You want to leverage software you already own to make your company more efficient and productive, and for a minimum investment of time, we’ll show you where to start.

3)      You’ve heard about Social Media, SharePoint, Internet Marketing, and Business Intelligence but you don’t understand what it is or how to get started.

So please mark April 9th in your calendar and go to voxism.com to sign up for our “double-double” Microsoft Dynamics event in Mississauga


Jim Heaton