The big question of the day is – has Microsoft’s ‘Student Focused. Teacher Inspired” campaign penetrated your kids school?  Its suppose to be in full force this year and represent over 15 billion USD by 2020.

Many of my immediate friends and family members are teachers, but the subject of the technology did not come up over this past long weekend but I will ask again.  I do know that they are teaching them about the Office products because last year I had this dialogue with my daughter.

I asked my daughter what she learned and she replied ‘We had class with Miss. Word”

I said ‘Oh, I don’t think I know that teacher’ what subject does she teach.

My daughter said ‘No silly, its a computer program’……..

It’s a grenade joke, but very funny at the time.

The teachers ultimately are looking for ways to make marking easier, the class room more fun and engaging and I know my boys need technology to stimulate them.

Who knows Maybe Miss Excel is coming to your math room sooner than you think.