Since the preview release of Relationship Assistant, “Insights” I’ve been looking to fully understand the benefits of the tool. After working with several customers and prospects I can say:

  • That I love the direction Microsoft is taking with Business solutions and in keeping up in this Internet of Things (IoT) world.
  • It watches your daily actions and communications and uses them to drive insights that help you focus on what’s important today, and how to optimize your communications to help nurture healthy business relationships, and monitor your service relationships, going forward.
  • It will eliminate the need to build and deploy complicated and often redundant workflows that were needed in the past to accomplish the same thing.

Microsoft Dynamics Relationship Assistant

Think of the Benefits if the system tells you what you should have done already, or have not done based on open activities or records.

Guess what, it also follows you onto your mobile device as well, login to your Dynamics 365 App and see it there as well.

Microsoft Relationship Assistant notification