CRM Dashboard - marketing
The efficiency and internal connectivity of Dynamics 365 is further exemplified within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Module in the way it allows users to seamlessly create and work with marketing Campaigns and Marketing Lists while updating the correlating activities with only a few clicks.

The streamlined approach of the marketing module allows users to access and input any and all desired information within the marketing module, simply and effectively. From the Marketing tab, users can view the most important data on dashboards (below), view and add campaigns, update and create associated marketing lists to a campaign, and add any related activities necessary to ensure a successful campaign. In doing so, the marketing module creates and approach to marketing in which promotes:

  1. An incredibly user friendly experience
  2. A 365 degree view of all campaign related record and activities
  3. Continual promotion of best business practices
  4. A cyclical approach to marketing

Having been an event manager for much of my working life, the need for proper planning is as important to executing a strong event/campaign as the actual day of management and set-up. Having had access to the capabilities of the Marketing Module within Dynamics 365 at a time when I was trying to plan and manage an event for thousands of people, I would not have only created a more standardized process for event planning, but most importantly, I would have maximized my efficiency.

In summary, the Marketing Module in Dynamics 365 and its ability to assist in the execution of a beneficial marketing campaign continues the philosophy of Microsoft in implementing best business practices, while remaining both user friendly and incredibly efficient.


Vox ISM’s very own Shane Kinsella organizing an event in 2013

event marketing with shane