With remote selling and digital experiences becoming the primary way of engaging with customers, updating your customer relationship management (CRM) solution is more important than ever. Updating your CRM solution to unify customer data and keep sales and marketing aligned can make a big difference. That’s even more important in a world where remote selling and digital experiences are becoming a primary engagement model. At the same time, you have to justify the ROI and ensure IT is on board. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you meet all of these challenges! 

Improve seller efficiency and remove manual tasks

Sales reps may spend nearly two-thirds of their time on non-revenue-generating activities. Dynamics 365 CRM can help change this. With familiar Microsoft 365 (Office365) experiences, sellers can connect and collaborate seamlessly with customers and colleagues from any location. Efficiency improvements increase productivity and reduce costs. Context-sensitive help and an intelligent sales process speed up results.

Provide tools to help sellers work with customers remotely

More than ever, your sales teams need to be able to guide and collaborate with customers from almost anywhere. When you make the buyer’s process easier, buyers succeed, and sellers win. Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions are specifically designed to support remote selling with digital communication and experiences. These give customers more ways to buy independently, so sellers can focus on customers who need more attention.

A single workspace with everything remote sellers need 

Virtual meetings and collaboration with Microsoft Teams enable engaging and productive interactions with buyers in a private, secure environment. Integrated insights from LinkedIn Sales Navigator help you find and work with the right leads remotely, more easily checking in during key changes, such as job promotions, and tailoring your content and conversations based on what’s currently resonating.

Centralize account information to reduce time spent across multiple tools

Sales depend on relationships. That can create intense pressure, whether sellers are working with buyers remotely or in-person. Sales teams need unified data to make smart choices about where to deploy time and talent.

Organizations need to bring together customer data across the full range of available sources, from licensing to marketing engagements to service requests. This helps them become more customer-centric, with marketing, sales, and service professionals getting the insights they need to personalize engagement across all touchpoints.

Simplify operational excellence

Efficient operations support reduced costs and better margins. Free your company’s sellers to do what they do best with Dynamics 365. They can save time with contextual prompts, align to best practices using repeatable techniques, take advantage of processes and tools that support remote selling, and minimize their training time with a guided experience.

Empower your sales management with AI and analytics

High-performing organizations use analytics and AI to boost seller success, and up to 30 percent of B2B companies are augmenting at least one of their prime sales processes using AI. Dynamics 365 Sales embeds intelligence into daily workflows in a cost-effective solution. It helps sales teams:

  • Increase conversion and win rates with opportunity and lead scoring. 
  • Get recommendations for personalized talking points and the next best steps. 
  • Focus on high-priority customers with relationship health scores.
  • Find new ways to support digital and remote selling.

Microsoft offers a complete selling solution

  • Help your sales teams connect and collaborate, even when selling remotely, through close integration with Microsoft Teams and Outlook. 
  • Collaborate seamlessly with Microsoft 365 while maximizing your existing investment in productivity tools and the relationship data those tools generate. 
  • Align sales and marketing by unifying Microsoft 365, CRM, social media, and other data to engage with buyers in meaningful, personalized ways. 
  • Run meetings and webinars using direct integration with Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Marketing. 
  • Deliver the next best action to support customers by effectively capturing their feedback and conducting sentiment analysis.

On the operational side, the Microsoft cloud platform reduces cost and complexity for your IT team. Sellers can maximize efficiency thanks to familiar commands and interfaces so they can get up to speed with less training. Integration with collaboration tools that your sellers already use can help them avoid miscommunication and missed opportunities, even when working remotely. Best of all, Dynamics 365 delivers more value for less money than competing sales force automation (SFA) solutions.

Choose a smart stack to navigate the realities of modern selling 

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