Recently, a customer asked us, “what are the specific benefits of using a fully integrated system?” They were trying to determine whether they should put in the work and move from a Google shop to an Office 365 Shop. Essentially, the best way for us to explain it to him was to just simply show how VOX ISM uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales & Marketing, and why we love it!

It’s easy to understand why an integrated platform (Dynamics 365 + Office 365 + LinkedIn) would be ideal for a sales rep or manager to complete daily tasks efficiently. Microsoft owns the worlds most used office applications like Excel, Word and Outlook – backed by decades of customer feedback and R&D; the Microsoft platform is the most seamless and robust system on the market.

In our experience over the last 10 years of working with standalone programs, the integrated platform has enhanced the quality of our work and allows us to complete tasks faster and keep up with customer demands better.

These are VOX ISM’s top favourites features of the fully integrated system: Dynamics 365 + Office 365 + LinkedIn:


  • You can work in outlook all day and have complete access to full Dynamics from Outlook.
  • Dynamics AI capabilities are able to read data inside the email and provide intuitive insights – for example: Bob sent an email requesting a PO this am, but it was buried due to a busy morning, Microsoft Dynamics 365 will alert you that you haven’t responded to their request for a PO and without leaving the outlook window, you can create the PO in the side panel.
  • Email tracking, all correspondence can be tracked to Dynamics so you have visibility into every single step of the conversation – it is not siloed to an individual’s work email.
  • Incorporate workflows within Dynamics to trigger emails in Outlook– for example, ACME co. sent payment for their last order, the A/R clerk updates the payment status and a workflow is triggered, sending an email to say thank you & verify that payment has been received.


  • This document storage manager is integrated with Dynamics and any documents saved in Dynamics are automatically stored in one centralized place, easy to access for anyone in the organization.
  • Helps to reduce database space & reduce data storage
  • Version Tracking & Control


  • The integration with Excel/Word allows for data export/import, creating templates, and being able to refresh or edit Dynamics data directly from Excel using Dynamics worksheets.
  • Update large amount of records at once.
  • Create Industry or Account Specific Templates
  • You can use Excel (online) to edit data, from inside Dynamics because it is embedded.


  • Microsoft bought LinkedIn, and now the worlds largest professional database is embedded into your Dynamics 365 Platform. You never have to leave Dynamics to get more insight.

OneNote & Microsoft Teams

  • Real time tracking & side chat helps collaborating & note tracking/sharing easier. Ability to store notes, pictures, videos or voice recordings. This enables your employees to collaborate on the sales deal or project in one of the best productivity tools that Microsoft has to offer.

Power BI

  • Data feeds directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and displays all of our KPIs. We use this to track our performance or identify what areas require more focus. This ensures we are hitting targets & metrics expected of us.

To help get a visual of this, here is a link to a short video showing how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales helps drive personalized engagement, but more importantly the video will show how the Office 365 & LinkedIn Integration accelerates the entire sales process.

If you are interested in learning more, VOX ISM is hosting an event on Dynamics365 for Sales & Marketing on September 5th at Microsoft Head Office in Mississauga, ON. We will be diving into all the functionality mentioned above and much more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM For Sales & Marketing Success - September 5 - Anchor Event - VOX ISM

Blog post by Ksenia Beljakova – Business Development Coordinator and Paul Roman Latoza – Business Development Coordinator

Ksenia Beljakova graduated from Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Communications. Shortly after graduation – Ksenia began her career as a business owner, before moving onto Procurement & Logistics in the Distribution & Manufacturing sector.

Paul Latoza graduated from the Aviation Safety Management and Operations program at Seneca College. Shortly after graduation –Paul began his career in the transportation industry before moving onto Marketing and Project Development for a non-profit organization.

With his experience in the transportation industry, he is hoping he can bring his communication and organization skills to assist businesses optimize their success in the changing digital landscape. On the weekends, Paul loves spending time with his family and friends.