VOX For Equipment Manufacturing ERP Functions

A Comprehensive ERP System for Equipment Manufacturers


VOX for Equipment Manufacturing ERP Software allows you to cost, track, schedule and report on your project.  From the shop floor or on the road, you can track time & material usage, time against projects or installation & service, build sub-assemblies to stock or custom products to order.

Manage five levels of costing, material, labour, burden, overhead and subcontracting in each work order and separate out the foreign vs regional value content for USMCA compliance.


VOX for Equipment Manufacturing ERP Software provides the ability to import the Bill of Material from any CAD package, manage Bill of material and routing revisions for standard/pre-engineered products and cross-references to manufacturer’s part numbers.

Engineers can enter their time on a daily or weekly basis against each project, cost category, phase or drawing depending on the level of detail and size of the job.


Machine installation and commissioning is a crucial part of putting the machine into service. VOX for Equipment Manufacturing ERP Software offers you many tools explicitly designed for this task.  You can track your time and material cost for this critical process, directly from your phone.

This includes communications management, coordination through outlook, checklists, safety logs, instructions, procedures, documentation, and the ability to report completion and sign off from a phone or tablet.


Repair, Rework, Warranty, spare parts and as-maintained BOM are some of the features available for the service department with VOX for Equipment Manufacturing software. Maintain the lifetime costs and warrantees for each piece of equipment, a true profit center!

This module will help you, and your customer understands the total cost of ownership of the equipment, allowing your team to create better designs and a more pro-active approach to maintenance by tracking failures, faults, reasons and resolutions.


VOX for Equipment Manufacturing ERP Software sales module provides your team with the framework and tools to formalize the sales process. Configurable workflows will boost conversations; close more deals and ensure all of your reps are providing customers with a positive and consistent experience.

The modules support marketing and prospecting, estimating and proposals, presentation and handle objections, and closing. All documentation and communication transfers from sales to operations with a project kick-off meeting.