VOX For Food ERP Software Benefits

VOX for Food ERP is fully adapted to the requirements of the food industry

VOX for Food ERP is explicitly designed for food manufacturing and distribution businesses by food business experts, to bring in and integrate business processes faster, make decisions quicker and communicate with their customer real time.

VOX for Food ERP is focused on food safety. Our ERP’s safety features can handle an audit or a mock recall quickly and error-free.

We believe working within an ERP system should not be a chore. VOX for Foor ERP offers an easy to use interface and straight-forward menus.

VOX for Food ERP provides one integrated system for Traceability, Quality Management, Inventory Control, Batch Recipe, and Safety.

VOX for Food ERP is a cloud-based ERP which allows you to access the system from anywhere in the world. The cloud enables you to work from any mobile phone device efficiently. All you need is Internet access, and you’re connected.

VOX for Food ERP integrates directly to Office 365 products – Outlook, Word, and Excel. It gives new users an instantaneous level of familiarity with their ERP software.