VOX For Food ERP Functions

Complete ERP Business Management Solution For Your Food Business

End-to-end traceability

VOX for Food ERP provides the ability to accurately track individual lots, bins, or packages as they flow from suppliers through processing and distribution steps, critical to respond to recalls.

With manual paper-based processes, it can take days to track problem ingredients to their source; costing you time and money and even result in customer penalties or loss of business. If your ERP system doesn’t enable one-up/one-back inventory traceability, you need to consider a change.

Item Master

With VOX for Food ERP Item Master, all departments will benefit from a central location to manage current recipes, cost-effective products and experiment with new formulas.

The item master lets your team review

  • BOM costing
  • Custom item attributes
  • Pictures for the website
  • Nutritional information
  • Attached documentation
  • Lab and production formula management
  • Formula version costing and comparison
  • Customize workflow to manage item product introduction and approval
  • Lot tracking policies
  • Bin Management
  • Planning by Sku by location
  • Cycle Counting Policies
  • Pricing (Price list management, customer tiers, volume, promos)
  • Purchase pricing management
  • Material requirements planning based on demand or re-order points.
  • Customer per-item reorder policies (quantity, lead time, handling time, safety stock)
  • Conversion units of measure

Quality Management

With VOX for Food ERP, you can improve profitability by reducing the cost of quality and mitigating the risk of recalls; however, without an effective system to manage quality processes, you may be stuck in a reactive mode instead of thriving in a proactive environment.

VOX for Food ERP has built-in quality management which enables you to implement conformance/corrective, preventative action coupled with real-time statistical process controls to catch issues before they happen—so quality becomes your competitive advantage instead of a compliance burden.

Inventory Visibility and Control

Excess inventory is more than just additional capital taking up space on the floor; it reduces production capacity. When perishable raw materials are involved, your inability to manage “use by” dates can cause delays in processing can result in spoilage and lead to quality and safety issues.

VOX for Food ERP gives you the ability to do specific materials requirement planning (MRP), so you can optimize your work-in-process inventory while reducing the risk of stockouts caused by lack of raw materials.

Automated Food Safety Plans

VOX for Food ERP supports Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plans, process flowcharting, and statistical process controls and helps you from doing it all manually.

VOX for Food ERP also collects data in real time – so when you need to access audit trails, so all you do is a simple search for the appropriate dates and other attributes. It saves you from thumbing through binder after binder to find the right data.

Detailed Batch Recipe Data

VOX for Food ERP enables you to track all data related to batch recipes including descriptive information, technical properties, quantities, costing information, notes, and history.

VOX for Food ERP incorporate best practices and keep track of all the possible allergens and alert you to potential cross-contamination. If your current ERP doesn’t do all this, you risk exposure to your whole business in the case of a food safety event.

Brand Protection

VOX for Food ERP software is capable of scanning, grouping and analyzing the sentiment of all forms of social media. The software is capable of understanding a negative vs positive statements and trends happening not just around your brand, but also around your industry as a whole, and using those insights to make better marketing decisions.

Social media listening helps you understand why, where and how these conversations are happening, and what people think—not just when they’re tagging or mentioning your brand.

This helps you form future campaigns, improve content strategy and messaging, outpace your competition, construct an effective influencer program and even build more impactful brand partnerships