Learning CRM was a priceless investment that will serve me well in the future. As a young person looking to enter the marketing sector, having these tools and being certified will give me an edge on the technology side that others applicants may not have. I was lucky to have Vox CRM Consultant Jacob Steinfeld to work with through the process of learning the system as he provided an extensive overview. Joining me today was Jim Maisonneuve on site, and Courtney and Justin Michitsch via WebEx.


One of the highlights of this learning process was understanding how CRM helps Vox ISM use template emails, measure performance, and generate leads. I enjoyed having discussions with Jacob about not only how Vox ISM uses CRM 2016, but also how other companies approach the software as it is very diverse and nuanced.

What I love about CRM 2016

  1. Given that we are in the middle of a digital revolution, Microsoft Dynamic CRM has employed the concept of social selling, which is important in gathering information about people to build stronger customer relationships.
  2. The “recently visited” tab and “pin” feature allows for easier navigation of the system, which is vital given that people want efficient access to information about sales, marketing, and service. It also helps with productivity.
  3. Additionally in 2016 the mobile, and multi-browser compatibility is phenomenal. The new Dynamics CRM for Phones is both user friendly and visually engaging, while the multi-browser support offers users the freedom to access CRM from the browser of their choice.

My tips for taking the test and getting certified would be to be aware of how the terms, vocabulary, and channels have been changed over time. This will be vital in having a successful completion of the test. Also, remember that if you are unsure of an answer make a note and come back to it after to try again – there is no time limit so take advantage of this.