What is a modern business?

For small and midsize businesses, technology can make the difference in driving your company ahead—setting you apart from your competitors, whatever size they may be.

The modern business stays ahead of the rest by making technology a business advantage. According to a study by Boston Consulting Group, technology leaders far outperform their peers in the marketplace, creating jobs almost twice as fast as other small businesses and growing revenue 15 percent faster annually1.

What keeps you up at night?

How can we stay better connected with our customers?

How can we create personalized targeted experiences for our customers?

Will we meet our sales goals?

How can we expand our business with existing customers?

What are the best sales prospects and leads that we should focus on?

Can my employees access the information they need from anywhere?

Do our competitors know more about our customers than we do?

Helping your business grow

We have a really good idea about what your business needs to grow.

You want to be able to cut through the clutter—to zero in and easily identify what information is needed to better serve both your current customers as well as find new ones.

Your business wants to be able to find a relevant way to connect with your customers so you can win faster and respond to customer inquiries and issues quicker.

Your sales and service teams need to be able to easily collaborate, find and access the right information from wherever they are to ultimately sell more, service your customers better, and grow the business.

office 365 and dynamics

Are you a modern business? With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you can use your data to help you target and win customers and then implement processes to keep them for the long-term.

4 ways you can use technology as a differentiator to grow your business

Understand your customer Increase your sales
Get a 360 degree view of your customers with insights into customer details like buying, service, and communication history in a single place. Use data as a competitive advantage—to help you understand your customers and connect with them on their terms. Identify and focus on the customers and opportunities
that will help grow the company. Drive sales best practices across your organization to help you reach your goals.
Get your work done anywhere Work together easily
Get your teams up and running quickly with a solution that provides a familiar experience—your PC, phone, tablet, and laptop. Work from the device you love. Bring together the right people wherever they are to take advantage of the combined knowledge of the experts in your organization. Work with the right people, in the context of what you are doing.


“We save around (U.S. $8,000) a year with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and our advisers can now use CRM tools on any device they choose.”

Mark Mace, IT Manager

Blackstone Wealth Management


How Vox ISM Can Help

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