Check it out!  The latest release notes about MSCRM 2016 ds/2015/08/Microsoft-Dynamics-CRM-2015-Release-Preview-Guide1.pdf

I’m quite interested in the excel dashboard directly in the interface, the SMS marketing looks interesting as well.

Remember that the unified service desk and the social marketing are add-ons.

Below is a good idea of where CRM is headed. The on-prem is targeted for the end of the year and it will be called CRM 2016.

        More mobile

        More office integration

        More Content management

        More features from acquisitions to core and as add-ons. acquisitions like Parature, FantasySalesTeam, and FieldOne, while also stepping deeper into the product planning of Office 365, Azure, Cortana Analytics Suite, and others.

Microsoft Plans Dynamics CRM 2016 Release With Range of Productivity Updates