For many years, logistics companies around the globe have used Microsoft Dynamics NAV barcode scanner to increase their knowledge of the supply chain and how quickly supplies come and go in their warehouses. However, with the technological advancements, it’s becoming more critical for businesses to make sure they’re wrapping those old-school tracking efforts into their future business plans.

The latest Microsoft barcode technology is the verified solution for many of your manufacturing, inventory, and distribution pains. It is the most accurate method to track the things in your warehouse.

A good barcode system can transform your business from being ineffective and slow to productive and streamlined when you integrate it with an ERP system like Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Barcode scanning gives you a real-time view of all your inventory. This helps your ERP system to provide you with up-to-date, latest and clear business insights about the availability, location, and status of your supplies. Implementing an ERP system for these functions without integrating it with a barcode scanning gives you just a little of potential benefits.

We have listed the top 5 reasons why you should integrate barcode scanner to your ERP system:

1)    Better Inventory Tracking

With barcode scanning, inventory tracking becomes very easy. Reliable inventory scanning during receiving, storing, using, and dispatching gives you better and real-time information about your inventory. But when integrated with an ERP like Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can optimize the use and placement of the tracked inventory. This data can help in production planning, demand forecasting, and much more.

2)    Improved accuracy

Human errors are much likely to happen during data collection. Barcode scanner and ERP system together can improve the efficiency and accuracy of data collection by removing those possible errors. With barcode scanning, the employees can do a better, quicker job due to lessening data entry and lower misprints.

3)    Reduced Costs

A barcode system is an investment that you will treasure for long. It helps you to lower manual work and thus, you can save a significant amount of time and efforts. As the tracking and data gathering becomes automated, you get a better view of your inventory so you can better manage it. That reduces both inventory and holding costs and can eliminate the need for safety stock.

4)    Increased Customer Satisfaction

A barcode system connected to the ERP system improves client satisfaction and response times by timely warranting accurate shipments. Barcode system makes the workers productive by easing their jobs so that they can focus more on important tasks like customer service.

5)    Well Informed Workers

Integration of barcode scanner and cloud ERP system allows your employees to have all the information they need on their mobile devices. This helps them to share the information on-the-go and view the real-time data related to the product, shipment, inventory, etc. when needed.


Barcode scanner and ERP system integration allow companies to improve accuracy, productivity, and efficiency while extending even better service to customers.

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