new vox ism hires may 17

From left to right: Shubhang Vayeda, Glenn Middleton, Val Ore, Sukhi Jhutty

After 3 days of team exercises, education, and onboarding,Vox ISM’s new hires are sharing their thoughts.

Working with a great team at Vox ISM, made the training fun (and tiring)! As someone that loves to take chaos and turn it into organized, and convert data to useful information, I am really looking forward to adding value for existing and future clients. As a CPA, CMA with over 20 years in manufacturing, strong operations and exceptional system skills, I am highly motivated to make a difference. With this team and the tools Vox ISM provides, clients can be assured of a successful conversion.

– Glen Middleton


What an exciting but yet extremely challenging first 3 days with Vox ISM! You do not see companies these days having new employee training and definitely not “orientation”. We not only learned how to be successful in your day-to-day work but how to develop and evolve in your life and career. We will continue to receive training from our Sr. Consultants and many other training sources and materials.

Coming from a fast pace production, manufacturing and procurement environment into extremely fast pace professional IT services definitely requires some adjustments and help from my pears but I look forward to every challenge that comes my way!

– Val Ore


Three Fantastic days of Onboarding training with Vox ISM. All three days were perfectly organized and training pedagogy was amazing. Throughout training I learnt the processes and policies of Vox ISM, deliverables, communication plan, day in life of Consultant and what it takes to be a successfully consultant.  The trainers were fantastic and they gave detailed insights of all the tools and training materials that I would require to become a successful consultant. The value and credibility that Vox ISM has in today’s market is something I would like to incorporate in my life. Now that I am part of the Vox ISM family and with all content simmering in my mind, I am ready to go out and serve our clients, contributing towards the mission and vision of Vox ISM.

– Shubhang Vayeda


I been here in here for the last three days in orientation with Vox ISM. It has been a blast learning about new technology and tools. Vox ISM has experienced Senior Consultants who are very knowledgeable and willing to share their expertise. In my previous role, I was a customer of Vox ISM implementing NAV in Canada and China. When I finished my projects, I approached Vox ISM for an opportunity and they were very kind and willing to take me on as NAV Financial Consultant. After three days of orientation and training, I feel very confident that I have what it takes to be a NAV Financial Consultant. I am proud to be a new team member.

– Sukhi Jhutty

They’ll be at their desks starting today and on the road helping customers by next week!

The Vox ISM Team

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