Microsoft Dynamics NAV Vox ISMMicrosoft Dynamics NAV is an ideal business system for small and midsize companies. With an intuitive interface, users enjoy simplified access to the information they need, as well as enhanced agility and streamlined integration with a wide range of applications.

We are confident that you will be very pleased with the updates to Microsoft Dynamics NAV R2, which include everything from improved cash management capabilities allowing you to find the perfect balance between risk and business growth; to usability enhancements making the product even more valuable for your staff members; and expanded integration between NAV and Office 365.

Overview of Enhancements in Dynamics NAV 2013 R2

Financial Management Modules

  • G/L Entry table unlocked at the start of sales, purchase, and service posting
  • A dimension set ID specified on journal line, document header, or document line
  • Tools to improve cash flow measurement including the ability to:
  • See all open services invoices in the Service module
    • Create your own chart of cash flow accounts
    • Locate information about liquid funds and budgeted values directly from the General Ledger
    • View information about current receivables and forecasted receipts from open orders within the Sales module
    • Incorporate any planned capital expenditures and future asset purchases into your cash flow forecast
    • View information about current payables and forecasted debts from the Purchasing module
    • Manage manual revenues and expenses and integrate them into the cash flow forecast
  • The cost accounting module has been enhanced to allow:
    • The defining of cost types, centers, and objects to ensure proper review and allocation
    • A defined chart of cost types with a structure and functionality similar to the chart of accounts
    • Linking of the cost centers to departments, objects, and projects
    • The transfer of GL entries to cost entries per posting, or in batch jobs, daily or monthly
    • The transfer, import, and/or development of your own cost budgets
    • The allocation of actual or budgeted values using static or dynamic methods
    • Sorting of cost report results to show the data you are most interested in seeing

Assembly Management

For companies that utilize simple processes to combine components of products supplied to their customers without needing true manufacturing functionality, Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 includes a feature set designed just for you! For those who perform light manufacturing and kitting – NAV 2013 offers you the ability to manage assemblies in integration with Sales, Planning, and Warehousing for:

  • Assembly Items
  • Assembly Orders
  • Assembling to Order
  • Warehouse Handling

Warehouse Management

  • A new warehouse activity called ‘Inventory Movement’ can be used to move items between internal departments, similar to existing inventory picks and put-aways but also allows for:
    • Both pick and put-away
    • Registration as a warehouse entry rather than a posting
    • Internal movement of items without a source document
  • Dedicated Bins to protect internal resources that have been allocated to something specific
  • Service Order integration


  • New item availability views for: Event; Timeline, and BOM Level

Supply Planning

  • 5 new reorder period fields assist you in optimizing when and how much product is reordered including: Time Bucket; Rescheduling Period; Lot Accumulation Period; Dampener Period; and Overflow Level
  • The ability to define exactly what you want regarding the Calculate Plan
  • Added planning engine information regarding: jobs; service management; sales; and production
  • Best practice general recommendations regarding supply planning values


The Jobs Module offers improved work in process (WIP) features allowing you to:

  • Define your own job WIP method
  • Control the treatment of WIP on all jobs
  • Track and perform WIP calculations in a new location
  • Improve alignment in how jobs and services track usage and consumption


  • Track time by simple resource time registration, job, service order, or assembly order; and view/approve time allocation using time sheets and follow up with posting journals


  • A new Connector which synchronizes the types of data common to both CRM and ERP in order to keep data throughout your system up to date

Payment Services

  • Online credit card payments for NAV

Automated Data Capture

  • Now based on web services, and available in the RoleTailored client

Business Intelligence

  • Offers BI chart options for:
    • Generic – which can be created by any user, and may be based on any table/query and added to multiple user interface types
    • Specific – which can be edited by more skilled users, and can include advanced data from a specific application area
    • Pre-defined – by Microsoft Dynamics NAV which offer multiple editing options
  • Produce Excel based reports that use NAV pages as the data sources
  • A ‘Find’ feature in RoleTailored client that enables searches for specific data

User Collaboration Tools

  • Integration with Microsoft OneNote
  • Link sharing to any page, with other Dynamics NAV users

User Productivity

  • Copy and Paste rows from NAV into Excel
  • Access to technical help whitepapers directly in your system for:
    • Warehouse Management
    • Inventory Costing
    • Supply Planning
    • Item Tracking
    • Dimension Set Entries
  • Redesign of the Action Pane, which has subsequently been renamed the Ribbon. Enhancements offer easier access to actions and commands, as well as customization options. The new Ribbon is organized into tabs and groups containing commands specific to the context of the group
  • Ledger entries added to History on department pages
  • Call-to functionality available from pages with phone number fields.
  • Filter capabilities on any page
  • Improved speed of data entry through the use of the enter key to move between fields
  • Error reduction through error message display at the top of the page which can be clicked on to be taken directly to the error

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Ctrl+F1 – to toggle between collapsing and expanding the ribbon.
  • Alt – to display access keys in the ribbon
  • Alt+F2 – Toggle between hiding and displaying FactBoxes
  • F12 – Move to the main window
  • Shift+F12 – Move to the Role Center from a task page
  • Alt+F12 – Optimize space for the current page

*Important Note: For those still operating on Dynamics NAV 5, you are now two full versions (4 product releases) behind. It is a good idea for you to consider an upgrade soon to ensure that you are receiving maximum benefit from your technology investment.

For more information, or to schedule an upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2, please contact us at 1-905-840-7477.