In the last 3 years Vox ISM has doubled in growth, both in revenue and staff and a large portion of that credit goes to our bi-annual business planning sessions. Every 6 months, at a time when our customers are slowing down, we take the time to review our progress, review our procedures, run the numbers, and plan for the next 6 months to achieve our long term goals. We focus on planning, processes, and technology for our various sales, marketing, manufacturing, and accounting departments.

Keeping up with technology and the latest trends in our industry is one of the business planning sessions’ staples. Every 4 months Microsoft is releasing new products, new features for existing products, and laying out the roadmap for what our customers can expect in the future. It’s our responsibility to test the new features, tailor them for our customers, and prepare to roll them out in the future. For us one of the primary focuses this year is jumping out in front and upgrading our entire CRM and ERP system to Dynamics 365 fully online. That’s Business Central in the cloud and Dynamics 365 for Sales, Service, Marketing, and Project Service Automation.

Relevant to today’s topic, in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you have the tools to turn out your month end and year end reports faster.

  • Reconciliation reports
  • Management reporting and making journal entries easier
  • Building financial statements using Jet Reports & Account Schedules, Power BI

To learn more about what Vox ISM is doing for our business planning trip, check our blog daily.