On December 20, Vox ISM hosted an Annual Holiday Lunch at Granite Club, Toronto. The meeting was also set to do the company performance review for the year 2018 and setting goals and objectives for the upcoming year.

Jim Heaton, Vox ISM President welcoming the team
Jim Heaton, Vox ISM President welcoming the team at the Granite Club, Toronto.

The event was kicked off by the Vox ISM’s President, Jim Heaton who welcomed the team. Jim handed off the mic to Ed Michitsch, General Manager, for the opening remarks. Ed explained the focus of the meeting: a robust discussion on the company performance in 2018, growth opportunities for the company in 2019, staff training plans and new Microsoft product releases.

Ed started the presentation with the Top 5 Events of 2018, challenges and changes we faced during the year and many notable successes. Jacob Steinfeld and Neetu Jain presented the yearly Marketing Performance Review Report followed by David Barsanti and Nir Tzur with a brief presentation on the 2018 Sales Numbers.

Vox ISM’s Solution Expert, Mike Fontaine, and Financial Consultant, Kevin Li presented the Microsoft Dynamics Product Plans for 2019. Manufacturing Consultants, Val Ore and Shubhang Vadeya demonstrated the current projects’ status. Jim Heaton revealed the 2019 Business Plan along with the key goals and objectives to achieve in the upcoming year. Ashish Rana, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Consultant, showed a great presentation on Vox ISM’s internal system upgrades happening in 2019. Olga Hedroits, Project Manager, gave an update on the 2018 Projects and the PMO plans for the year 2019.

Next, Ed presented the Billable Time Staff Awards to the top billing consultants.

Billable Award #1 goes to Dynamics NAV Consultant Shubhang Vayeda
Billable Award #1 goes to Dynamics NAV Consultant, Shubhang Vayeda.
Billable Award #3 goes to Dynamics NAV Consultant Kevin Li
Billable Award #3 goes to Dynamics NAV Consultant, Kevin Li.
Billable Award #4 goes to Dynamics 365 Sales Consultant Ashish Rana
Billable Award #4 goes to Dynamics 365 Sales Consultant, Ashish Rana.

Emilia Arkadyev gave a brief description of the Vox ISM’s MARS (Management Analytics Reporting Suite) App followed by an update on Manufacturing Vertical Accelerator by Ernie Zeitz.

Raymond Chi, Videographer and our recent addition to the marketing team showed the video marketing strategy for 2019 and his latest event work to the team.

In a group exercise, everyone took an active part in discussing the scope of the new products, technologies, and strategies which Vox ISM can adopt in 2019.

At the end of the meeting, President Jim concluded the meeting by cheerfully saying that 2018 has been the best year for Vox ISM until so far. He also thanked everyone for adding to the success of the company and invited everyone to the open bar!

Vox ISM Team wishes you a fantastic holiday season!

Greetings from the VOX ISM Team