Convergence 2014 update – Dynamics Marketing, Social Listening

Microsoft revealed on Feb 18th that it acquired social listening software from a company called Parature.

Yesterday at convergence, they showed game changing technology.  Here is an example.


This is a great article that describes in more detail what happened at convergence.

But unless you’re an earlier adopter or under 30, you’re probably going to say ‘that’s nice, but how does that make me money’.   Small to mid-size businesses in Ontario are probably not ready just yet, but in 5 years from now internet marketing and social CRM will be a competitive differentiator in the market place.  Just think, 5 years ago CRM was relatively new and now it is almost required if you want to stay competitive and make your customer service and sales people more productive.

This link describes in a bit more detail what Microsoft is saying about Microsoft CRM and its social capabilities

Microsoft Social Listening  

This is probably the best video that I found that clearly explains what Social Listening is and how it applies to business.

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