One of the simplistic things you can do to improve productivity using CRM is to leave a left voice mail template.

On average salesmen will make about 50 phone calls a day.

But you can double or triple your effectiveness of your calling by sending a ‘left voice mail’ email and having good internet marketing strategies. Here’s how.

calls-diamond 50 – calls

On average a sales rep will make 50 calls

10 – pickups

On average they will get through and actually speak to 10 people during the day and the rest go to voicemail

10 Email Responses

On average, you will receive back an additional 10 responses by email

5 Leads from  website

5 more will not respond but research you first through internet and register to an event return your email or be more receptive for the next call.

If you have a CRM system, this process is easy to execute
Campaigns will automatically create activities for the Reps to call
Activities will show up on the rep’s to-do’s when it logs into outlook in the morning
When the phone call is completed, the notes from the call are transferred automatically to an email
The email is automatically generated tracked making it easy for the rep to follow up and for the sales manager to see.