“Mobile Apps save small businesses almost 600 million hours annually, while smart phones and tablets save nearly 2 billion hours.” ~ Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council 

Mobile Business AppsBusinesses are frequently relying on mobile apps, tablets and smart phones to remain connected and boost productivity of their workforce, and with good reason. According to a survey by AT&T and the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, small business owners saved over $67.5 billion annually by leveraging mobile technology to conduct their every day business!

Of that $67.5 billion, it is estimated mobile apps saved business owners 599.5 million hours, or approximately $15.6 billion last year. Clearly mobile technologies enable businesses to save tremendous amounts of time and money, allowing them to do more with less.

Mobile apps saved small businesses owners $15.6 billion last year!   

The shift from PCs to mobile devices for business is happening, which means businesses can no longer ignore the requirement for mobile business apps. As mobile apps flood the marketplace, the companies who embrace enterprise applications will transform their business and achieve new levels of success. Enable your team with apps that connect to your core functions and business processes, and provide access to critical information to gain a competitive advantage over competitors.

According to a survey done by the Harvard Business Review, and as highlighted in their infographic below, there is a growing need and interest by businesses for mobile enterprise apps to access core functions and critical data.

mobile business apps

Embrace and leverage mobile technologies for a strategic advantage. Mobile apps keep your workforce connected, increase operational efficiencies, collaboration and employee productivity, and boost sales and profits through improved customer service.

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